Photo credit: Sebastian Pole, Co-founder and Herbal Director, Pukka Herbs

We know that we are nothing without our suppliers

For more than three decades, Organic Herb Trading has built up longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships with organic herb, spice and botanical suppliers all over the world - from Guatemala to Zanzibar, Bosnia to Madagascar.

These relationships have been built on mutual trust, underpinned by four guiding principles:

Product quality

Wherever possible we work directly with producers or producer groups and provide them with support and incentives to enable them to grow and harvest the highest quality products. This also passes value back down the supply chain and helps to avoid remedial practices that diminish the intrinsic value of the herbs and spices we source.

Fair and ethical trade

All too often primary producers have very little bargaining power and costs come down supply chains, whilst profits flow up them. We always try and build our relationships with suppliers based on genuine dialogue and transparency. We do not – under any circumstances - drive the price down when we are working with producers directly or producer groups in the developing world. In fact, on a number of occasions, we have offered to pay higher prices, provide broader financial support or invest in equipment to help add value.

Organic integrity

We insist on the highest levels of organic integrity and achieve this through our own programme of supplier visits – largely undertaken by our Supplier Relationships Manager Matt Richards. In addition, all our growers are approved by certification bodies who comply with the highest accreditation standards and are approved under EU organic regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 annexes III and IV.

Long-term partnerships

Some of our suppliers have worked with us for over 20 years and on more than one occasion we have supported them – often financially – when they have faced challenging times. And it’s fair to say this has been reciprocated. When the Global recession hit the UK in 2008 many of our long standing suppliers supported Organic Herb Trading by allowing favourable payment terms – which was incredibly humbling. We remain extremely grateful for the fantastic products our suppliers grow, their commitment to the organic movement and for their ongoing support.

In addition to this overall approach, Organic Herb Trading is proud to be independently certified to the FairtradeFairWild and Fair for Life standards.
If you are interested in becoming a supplier please make contact with us on +44 (0) 1823 401 205 or

The film below shows our suppliers harvesting Marigolds in Egypt.


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