Ethical sourcing

Without the people who grow the spices, harvest the herbs, and process the oils, there would be no Organic Herb Trading Company. It is their hard work and attention to detail that leads to the top quality products we offer, so our relationship with them is fundamental.

Our purchasing is guided by an Ethical Sourcing Policy which outlines the commitments we make to suppliers and also our aspirations, because we recognise there’s always room for improvement.
Whilst aiming to be fair and collaborative in all we do, we also work with specific products and suppliers to offer products covered by independent fair trade certification.

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. Widely recognised and trusted by consumers in the UK, the FAIRTRADE Mark is the seal of a system that promotes transparency, democracy and the empowerment of farmers. Fairtrade focuses on key commodities sourced from countries in the developing world.
Organic Herb Trading can supply a wide range of Fairtrade certified products; please ask us about your requirements.
Many of the plants we use in cosmetics, foods and medicines are harvested from the wild.  FairWild certification seeks to protect these natural resources by ensuring they are managed sustainably, as well as providing a fair deal for the collectors.  FairWild certification can cover wild collection in any location and many of the projects we work with are in mainland Europe.
Organic Herb Trading trades in certified Liquorice, Nettle, Limeflower, Elderflower and berry, Hawthorn flower and berry, Dandelion root and leaf, and Juniper berry.  We are always interested in looking at new projects too, and would love to talk to you about FairWild.

Fair for Life goes beyond traditional fair trade by requiring ethical working conditions along the entire trade chain.  Fair for Life brand holder companies commit to fair sourcing practices and responsibilities towards their primary producers down the commodity chain. Certification can be applied to almost any product sourced from any country.
Organic Herb Trading achieved Fair for Life certification 2016 and is working with certified Fennel seed, Tulsi leaf and Field Mint.  Fairtrade and FairWild ingredients can also be marketed as Fair for Life under their equivalence scheme. 

You can find our certificates here and our products page is here.

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