Supplier visits: Turmeric, Mint and Tulsi in India

Monday 10 October 2016

Our Supplier Relationships Manager Matt Richards has been busy again - this time meeting some of our Turmeric, Mint and Tulsi suppliers in India.
Matt says:

"This is Mr Ningappa in Kollegal, Karnataka State, India. He farms all three Tulsis (Rama, Krishna, Vana), Mint and Turmeric. He also grows coconuts which line the boundaries of his fields, and maize for his cattle which in turn provide nutrients from their manure. His produce is organically certified through the local farmer group.

One aim on this trip to India was for me to really understand the factors affecting healthy plants and end quality, really getting into the detail of cultivation practices and environmental factors. It has been fascinating to see variations in plants in different areas of the same state (Karnataka on this occasion) - it makes you remember how big India is! The soil and climate can be so different, meaning cultivation practices need to be able to adapt to get the best crop. Nutrient fixing in the soil, application and retention are key, as well as the balance of watering.

I’m working with our suppliers to understand and improve these practices and get the best from the conditions. The Turmeric and Ginger crops are coming along nicely, ready for harvesting in December and January. I’ll hopefully come back in February and see how the harvest has gone and get into the processing. It’s always great working in India but I’m looking forward to the Autumn in Somerset!"