Farmer Training in Egypt

Tuesday 31 January 2017

In December 2016 Organic Herb Trading organised some farmer training in Egypt, in collaboration with the Egyptian Government’s Department of Agriculture and one of our suppliers in Egypt.

The training was funded by Organic Herb Trading and undertaken by Dr. Mohammed Farouk and Dr. Atef Abd Elaziz of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture’s Central Laboratory for Organic Agriculture. The course took place near our supplier's processing facility outside Beni Suef, on an area of virgin growing land, newly-irrigated via a new borehole.

The trainees included company managers and all of the head farmers, plus some women farm worker supervisors who were taking the training in order to become head farmers in the future.
Topics covered in the training included: organic fertility - building long term fertility in the soil, including on desert land; crop rotations and companion planting for ecosystem resilience; understanding pests and organic pest control; and organic systems record keeping.

The training lasted for two days with both indoor teaching and in field teaching, with a view for long-term change. This relationship will continue on a consultancy basis between the trainers and our supplier, in order to consolidate learning over a longer period of time.