Organic Herb Trading out and about

Tuesday 08 September 2015

Some of our team have been on the road - read on to learn more about where our travels have taken us.

In late July, our International Accounts Manager Sarah Beasley-Stones, along with Laura Pashley our Commercial Manager, visited Japan and Korea, to meet with our customer Amoma and the WWF/FairWild Tokyo office.  Amoma’s maternity teas are sold throughout Japan and are soon to be available in Korea, and we are proud to have been a supplier to them since they first developed their range.

As part of our trip to Amoma we were privileged to visit specialist tea packers Takara Pack in Fukuoka Prefecture, as well as a green tea plantation nearby, in the Yame City area which is famous for green tea production.  The image above is of Sarah and Laura, with Miguel and Ushifusa of Amoma Tea, with Michio Takaira of Takara Pack, in front of the Takara Pack offices.
During the same week, Matt Richards our Supplier Relationship Manager, visited our FairWild-certified liquorice supplier in south-east Spain. The focus of the visit was jointly on improving harvesting and processing to maximise liquorice quality, and working with our supplier to maximise the benefits their community gain from the FairWild premium.  So far, the premium has enabled the local community to buy school books and has helped fund training for collectors to build their knowledge and skills about wild herbs.  We are also working with the supplier on research to understand how to retain the best quality of the liquorice through the harvesting and processing procedure.