Mike Brook attends 2015 FoodAfrica exhibition and Herbs of Egypt conference

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Our Founding Director Mike Brook attended the FoodAfrica exhibition and inaugural Herbs of Egypt conference on 6-9 May 2015.
2015 saw the first Herbs of Egypt conference take place at the FoodAfrica exhibition in Cairo.  The conference was supported by UNIDO (United Nations International Development Organisation) and brought together industry experts, buyers and producers of medicinal and culinary herbs and spices.  The Nile Valley and Nile Delta in Egypt are hugely important locations for agriculture, including organic herb crops in high demand such as chamomile, peppermint and coriander.  Topics discussed at the conference included good agricultural and collection practice (GACP), market trends and value addition for producers, and drying methods.  Mike said “events like this are a great opportunity for the industry to work together to ensure high quality herbs can continue to be produced to strict organic standards within this key region”.