Herbal support for dogs

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Resident herbalist Jane Wallwork-Gush, shares her tips for keeping your four legged friends in good health.

At Organic Herb Trading, we have become increasingly interested in using herbs to maintain good health and treat ill health in animals. Wild animals have an innate ability to treat themselves where the plants they need are available within their habitats, and offering our pets similar remedies gives them the opportunity to awaken that dormant response.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best  remedies for dogs that are available directly from us, and notes on what their benefits to your pooch can be, along with information on dosage quantities.  We also sell the Cap ‘M’ Quik do-it-yourself capsule makers which help enable you to administer the correct dosage for your pet.

For more information about products available from us and how to order, click here or contact our Sales Team directly on +44(0)1823 401205. Anyone is free to buy from us, and we have a minimum order value of only £50.

Contains an extract called ‘piperine’. This extract increases your dog’s gastrointestinal absorption of many nutrients (such as vitamin C, B6, beta carotene, amino acids). It is a natural internal parasite eliminator that can help with your dog’s gum health and can raise the plasma levels of coenzyme eQ10.
Contains an anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce the symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis, by containing a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals which cause the painful inflammation and damage to joints affected by arthritis. Turmeric is also a natural antiseptic and can be used for treating skin injury – especially when mixed with honey and applied directly to the affected area. It is also well known for preventing digestive disorders, reducing gas and bloating as well as acting as a binding agent to prevent diarrhoea.

Slippery Elm
Packed full of vitamin A, B complex, C, K, calcium, magnesium and sodium, because of its lubricating and anti-inflammatory properties. It is well known for soothing the digestive system, helping to ease the symptoms of diarrhoea and the respiratory system by helping to lubricate the digestive tract easing the discomfort of coughing and bronchitis.

Dosage instructions for dried herbs: Give a ¼ capsule twice daily to small dogs, a ½ capsule twice daily to medium dogs and one capsule once or twice daily for large dogs. Mix contents of capsule into food or some yoghurt. 

Vitality Glycerate
For general wellbeing and helping to keep your dog’s eyes bright, coat shiny and nose wet!

Cornflower Water
Helps to hydrate the skin and is gentle enough to be applied to sore eyes.

Tea Tree Hydrosol
A gentle antiseptic that can be used on day-to-day cuts and abrasions.

Ascophyllium in Sunflower Oil
A seaweed derivative, full of vitamins and minerals for oral consumption. The sunflower oil helps to prevent internal parasites, strengthen immune system and aid the respiratory system.

Carrot Macerated in Sesame Oil
Rich in minerals, fat-soluble vitamins and protein that help to strengthen the heart. The high copper content also helps to relieve dogs from arthritis while also helping to improve the condition of the dog’s coat.

Dosage instructions for liquids: 5-10ml daily, mixed with food or dispensed orally.