FairWild workshop

Tuesday 02 August 2016

Last month, Organic Herb Trading's Founding Director Mike Brook and colleague Eileen Clark travelled to Cambridge to meet with FairWild stakeholders - read on to find out more. 

New FairWild products are appearing on shop shelves, and Organic Herb Trading is a proud supplier to all of the brands creating them. Each year, the UK stakeholders in FairWild get together to share experience and plan the way forward; this June the workshop was held at the new home of the FairWild secretariat, the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.
Mike (who contributed to the creation of the FairWild standard) and colleague Eileen took part, and met members of the FairWild Foundation’s Board.
Eileen commented, “It’s energising to sit with the people who started this movement – organic pioneers and celebrated conservationists – and be reminded of the reasons we work so hard at this: the goal is to bring more land under sustainable use, and enable more people to earn a dignified living. 
“Young people are not choosing to become collectors of wild herbs, within a generation there will be no collectors left unless we make it attractive to them, so there’s a real business case for supporting FairWild.”