Fair for Life Certification

Friday 26 February 2016

Organic Herb Trading is Fair for Life certified!

Fair for Life is about trading fairly and respectfully, paying a fair price to our suppliers, and contributing an additional social premium - the fundamentals of fair trade you’d expect.  But it also covers social responsibility, and required an audit of working conditions here at Organic Herb Trading, our community relations, and our environmental performance.  

We were delighted to get such positive feedback from the audit, which included; ‘(Organic Herb Trading has an) open communication culture and family-like atmosphere’. ‘The company strongly supports their suppliers and seeks out opportunities to invest in them’. ‘Buying personnel/producer management personnel is very competent and dedicated to fair trade’.

Fair for Life is growing quickly in mainland Europe and in the USA, and really beginning to catch on in the UK, so we’re pleased to be early adopters (we’re the third UK company to achieve certification) as an opportunity for our customers.
To begin with we’ll be trading Fair for Life certified fennel seed from Turkey and tulsi leaf  from India.  The scheme also recognises other social certifications, which means that it’s possible to market Fairtrade and FairWild ingredients under the Fair for Life label. 
You can find out more about our certifications here; they are supervised by Eileen who has extensive experience in fair trade and in working with the people who grow and manufacture our products.
For more than three decades, Organic Herb Trading has been committed to building longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships with organic herb and spice suppliers all over the world, so these independent certifications recognise the principles we’ve always followed. 
Along with thousands of people across the UK, we’ll be celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight in the coming two weeks.  The Fairtrade Foundation is encouraging people to host Big Fairtrade Breakfasts in a bid to help others ‘wake up’ to the challenges facing farmers and workers.  Trade can be a powerful tool in making the world a fairer place – we’ll raise a Fairtrade green tea to that!