News from the herb field: December

Wednesday 07 December 2016

This month we have some very exciting news from the herb field… Hear the latest from our Herb Field Manager Sarah.

We are very happy to announce that we have completed our one year conversion to Demeter certification, which means that the herbs from the herb field are now not only organic, but Biodynamic!
We have had some lovely frosty mornings and sunny days which have been great as we are now in the middle of the root harvesting. Lis, Mike and Isobel came out and helped me harvest Marshmallow root for the final herb field workshop for the year, and we harvested a grand total of 122kg from one bed (some for fresh orders and some for drying). We now have dry Marshmallow root and Elecampane root available in the warehouse. It’s not too late to put in your fresh root orders either! The roots that are still available are: Marshmallow, Elecampane, Comfrey, Horseradish, Pokeroot, Culvers Root, Rheum (Chinese Rhubarb) and Gravel root.
This time of year is also all about planning for 2017 including putting together a planting plan and working out exactly what we need to grow for 2017. We also offer contract growing for customers so if there is something that we are not already growing do get in touch, and if we can grow it, we will!

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