News from the herb field: August

Tuesday 02 August 2016

Much has changed in the herb field here at Organic Herb Trading since our last update a couple of months ago - the field is in full bloom and looking looking wonderful, thanks to the hard work of Herb Field Manager Sarah Weston and her team.

Operation slug-repel has been going well – the application of nematodes seems to have helped and any remaining slugs are being collected and fed to the ducks.
The lovely sunshine we’ve been having has meant early morning watering sessions, resulting in lots being harvested including Borage, Comfrey Leaf, Sheep’s Sorrel, Marigolds, Goats Rue, Vervain and Wood Betony. The herb dryer has been going non-stop, and there are fresh herb orders going out every week. Sarah has also been harvesting St John’s Wort flowers and making a macerate which is steeping nicely in the warmth of the poly tunnel.
All of this is of course helped along by Sarah’s great team of Wwoofers who have been putting in the hours and working hard to help keep on top of everything that needs doing.
And last but not least, Sarah and colleague Matt Richards ventured out to the herb field at 5am a couple of weeks ago, in order to apply biodynamic preparation (BD501 Horn Silica) to the plants. This preparation was the next in a series of solutions that contribute to the biodynamic methods of agriculture that we have adopted since January of this year. Below is a short film that Sarah and Matt very kindly made of their early morning activities.