Meet our customer: Vocalzone

Monday 14 August 2017

Vocalzone is a business steeped in musical history, having supplied throat pastilles to musical stars around the world including Sir Tom Jones and Take That, to name a few, for more than 100 years. We are delighted to be working with them and supplying the business with products including FairWild Liquorice, as they venture into the world of Herbal Teas.

How did your business start?
Vocalzone has been around as a business for over 100 years now, though our business has always centered around our throat pastilles which were formulated in 1907 for the Great Italian Tenor Enrico Caruso. Since then, the pastille has been used by global performers including Sir Tom Jones, Metallica, Stereophonics, Take That and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Our venture into tea is the first extension to our range since the business was born, and came about after a number of our endorsed artists began enquiring over a herbal tea for voice relief.

What is unique about your company?
One of the main ingredients in our pastilles, (and now our tea) is Myrrh. Myyrh is a brilliant natural ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties, and yes it is the Myrrh quoted in the bible as one of the three gifts given at Christmas!

Who and where are your customers?
Our business is based in Dorset, but our customer base is truly global. We have particular demand for our products in the UK, USA, Australia and Turkey, but have customers based all over the world. Amongst the influencers I’ve talked about above, we also have a significant customer base of musicians at varying stages in their career, alongside a plethora of voice users, from teachers to actors and voice over artists.

How’s the future looking for you? What are your plans?
The future is bright – we’re looking at developing additional products to expand our range even further, having received excellent feedback from our customers on our latest tea. But the rest is a secret, can’t be giving away too much information now!

Why do you buy from Organic Herb Trading?
OHTC are a great company to partner with on this venture, they have an exceptional level of expertise and we enjoy working with business who share similar values to us.

Why is organic/provenance important to you?
Organic is important because we truly believe in using the highest quality and standard of ingredients in all of our products. In terms of herbal ingredients, there’s nothing greater than organic produce. We also believe in healthy sustainability of the ingredients we use, and believe this is something we can contribute towards by using organic ingredients wherever possible.

Please tell us one unusual fact
Vocalzone is still a family owned business with five people working directly on the brand. It’s maintained its core values since its creation and most of our photo shoots and advertising campaigns feature cameo roles from the team working on the product (though I always try and shy away from any modelling wherever possible!).

What is your favourite cup of tea/or long cool relaxing drink?
I’m a big fan of a Chai tea, particularly in the winter months. After a long days work, there’s nothing better than crashing in front of the telly with a mug of Chai. 

Thank you to Alvin Mennie, Brand &  Communications Manager at Vocalzone, for answering our questions.