Meet our customer: Holistic Hounds

Tuesday 02 August 2016

This month, we hear from Caroline Hearn (MICHT, DipICAT), founder and owner of Holistic Hounds.

How did your business start?
My business started out of a lifelong passion for dogs. They give us so much in the way of unconditional love, loyalty and fun I just wanted to give something back in return. I am lucky in that my dogs can roam the paddocks and forage for wild grasses, herbs and berries. With so many dogs never having this privilege because they are always on the lead or the environment doesn`t allow such freedom, I decided to create the Holistic Hounds Nutritive Herbal Blends so every dog can benefit from the goodness that mother nature offers.
What is unique about your company?
We offer a truly holistic service. So we cover canine massage therapy, nutrition, complementary therapies and advise on everyday changes that can be made to improve the current situation for the dog and their owners. 
Who and where are your customers?
Our customers are owners that want to do the best for their dog in the most natural way possible. Many are looking for alternatives to help with their dogs current health problems or a way to prevent many diseases occurring in the future. We have helped people from Cyprus to Somerset so hopefully we can offer solutions wherever people are based.  
How`s the future looking for you, what are your plans?
The plans are to continue to spread the word that a holistic approach is the way to go to prevent many illnesses and diseases that seem so common nowadays. Other products in the pipeline are healing balms and natural herbal shampoos as well as expanding the range of herbal blends.
Why do you buy from OHTC?
The quality is exceptional as is the customer service and the help available. When I first started out I used a different supplier and came across The Organic Herb Trading Co when I attended a training course and the name was mentioned. Once I opened my first delivery and experienced the aroma, quality and cleanliness there was never any going back ! 
Why is organic/provenance important to you?
Many customers have dogs with long term problems and are making big changes to their pets diet and lifestyle. So the fact that they can use herbs of the highest quality from a trusted source is incredibly important. 
Please feel free to tell us one unusual fact!
In 2004 I fulfilled a major ambition of traveling to Rwanda and Uganda to trek Mountain Gorillas. Spending time with them in their family groups and trekking through the jungle seeing the incredible creatures that call it home was certainly a life changing experience. 
What is your favorite cup of tea/or long cool relaxing drink?
That would have to be mint tea. After a trip to Morocco, where they drink large amounts of fresh mint tea I became rather smitten with it !