Organic spice range from Organic Herb Trading

Tuesday 01 September 2015

​At Organic Herb Trading, we’re just as passionate about sourcing fantastic organic spices as we are about organic herbs! 

Our range is expanding all the time, and our newest addition is a tasty Spanish smoked paprika.  Many of our spice powders are regularly milled here on site in small batches from whole seeds.  We also mill and blend some delicious house blends including China spice, mixed spice, garam masala and mulling spice (order now to beat the Christmas rush!).
Prices for single kg or half kg quantities are shown below – our standard discounts apply for all orders of 5kg or above, and for bulk orders please contact us for a quote.
Our full product & price list is available here, or call +44(0)1823 401205 for more information about our existing range or to discuss development of your own bespoke spice or herb blend.

Turmeric root powder (India)                     £11.50 kg/£5.75 500g
Smoked paprika powder (Spain)               £17.00 kg/£8.50 500g
Cumin seed powder (India)                         £15.50 kg/£7.75 500g
Coriander seed powder (India)                  £13.00 kg/£6.50 500g
Ginger root powder (India/various)         £10.00 kg/£5.75 500g
Nutmeg powder (India)                                £41.50 kg/£20.75 500g
Whole black peppercorns (Sri Lanka)      £22.00 kg/£11.00 500g
Cracked black peppercorns (Sri Lanka)   £29.90 kg/£14.75 500g
Fine ground black peppercorns (Sri Lanka)  £24.50 kg/£12.25 500g
Mulling spice blend (various origins)        £29.50 kg/£14.75 500g
Mixed spice blend (various origins)          £24.50 kg/£12.25 500g
Garam masala blend (various origins)     £32.00 kg/£16.00 500g
China spice blend (various origins)           £22.50 kg/£11.25 500g
Szechuan Pepper (China)                                    £55.00 kg/£27.50 500g