Featured product: Mulling Spices

Tuesday 17 November 2015

The festive season is fast approaching and with it, the cooler winter months which see us craving hot food and drink to keep the chills at bay and our bodies warm. Mulled wine (or non alcoholic options) is a perfect festive option and brings with it a number of health benefits to help see us through the season.

A delicious blend of red wine or fruit juice, with oranges and aromatic herbs and spices mulled drinks makes a great option for parties and frosty winter nights.

The aromatic ingredients in mulled wine are not just a mix that delights the senses, they all have therapeutic properties relevant to the time of year. A mug of mulled wine can actually aid digestion with its combination of carminative spices - it is hot and soothing to the stomach easing any discomfort and acting as a gastric tonic. The sinuses feel clearer and this is a great tonic to help clear a cold, and with oranges and hibiscus flower there is a good dose of vitamin C in there too.
Here are a couple of great recipes you can make using the Organic Herb Trading mulling spices.

Mulled Wine
3 teaspoons OHTC mulling spices
1 bottle red wine (or apple/red grape juice)
1 sliced orange
150ml water
Place the water, oranges and mulling spice in a pan and bring to the boil, simmer for 15 minutes and then add the wine and warm through. Add honey and brandy to taste.

Another fun thing to do with mulling spices is to make an aromatic lip balm. Take 20g of mulling spice and place in a glass jar, add 100ml of sunflower oil and place in a slow cooker on a low setting overnight. This will infuse and then the aromatic oil can be strained and made ready for use. Place the jar of infused oil in a saucepan with water or a double boiler if available. Add 20g of beeswax and heat until the wax has melted. Remove from the heat and pour into small glass pots. Extra fragrance can be provided with the addition of 14 drops of ginger essential oil and 6 drops of cinnamon oil. A perfect small gift for Christmas.