Featured product: Christmas spices

Tuesday 11 October 2016

It's that time of year again - and the festive season is fast approaching. We have plenty of winter favourites in stock, but please order early as we always experience a high level of demand! See our pricelist here.
We have in stock: clove buds (whole and ground), allspice berries (whole and ground), nutmeg (whole and ground), ground cinnamon (with quills arriving shortly), and star anise.  

Vanilla availability has been extremely limited throughout late 2015 and 2016 - we have stocks of organic ground and fine cut vanilla available, but unfortunately no whole pods are expected to be in stock before the end of the calendar year.  

Our latest batch of our well-loved own-recipe Organic Herb Trading Mulling Spice blend has also just been prepared by Angelo and his team, ready for the winter season!

Here are a couple of our favourite Mulling Spice blend recipes:

Mulled Wine
3 teaspoons Organic Herb Trading Mulling Spice blend
1bottle red wine (or apple/red grape juice)
1 sliced orange
150ml water
Place the water, oranges and Mulling Spice blend in a pan and bring to the boil, simmer for 15 minutes and then add the wine and warm through. Add honey and brandy to taste.

Aromatic Lip Balm
Another fun thing to do with Mulling Spice blend is to make an aromatic lip balm. Take 20g of mulling spice and place in a glass jar, add 100ml of sunflower oil and place in a slow cooker on a low setting overnight. This will infuse and then the aromatic oil can be strained and made ready for use. Place the jar of infused oil in a saucepan with water or a double boiler if available. Add 20g of beeswax and heat until the wax has melted. Remove from the heat and pour into small glass pots. Extra fragrance can be provided with the addition of 14 drops of ginger essential oil and 6 drops of cinnamon oil. A perfect small gift for Christmas. 

And finally... stocks of pine needles (Pinus sylvestris) and cut mistletoe are due to arrive with us during the late autumn, please call our friendly team if you would like to make a reservation.