Featured product: Tea blends

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Working with our wide range of organic herbs, spices and green and black teas, we can offer a range of services here at Organic Herb Trading - from sourcing unusual organic products, to milling and processing to your exact specification, to new product development (NPD) of tea and culinary blends.

Our NPD team, led by Quality Manager Maria Charlton, have decades of experience and have helped a wide range of companies develop great concepts into truly fantastic end products.  We can work with you to develop and refine a blend recipe of your devising, or to design a blend from start to finish based around your innovative idea or key ingredients.  In her position as lead on all things quality, technical and NPD at Organic Herb Trading, Maria has an expert nose and taste for flavour so whilst quality is paramount, we can also assure a delicious drinking experience!
We also offer a growing number of in-house tea blends. These teas showcase our exceptional herbs and are formulated to make the most of their properties, as well as tasting great. The blends are available off-the-shelf, or for larger volume orders, can be personalised for your range by adding additional ingredients of your choice.

Our latest blends are now available and they all contain ingredients widely associated with effective detoxification and support of the digestive system: fennel seed, aniseed and dandelion root. There is even a blend showcasing organic green tea for a smooth caffeine lift and plenty of beneficial antioxidants. Our Turkish fennel seed is sourced specifically for its excellent quality - it has a high essential oil content, but is low in estragol which is undesirable in high concentrations.  
The blends are sold wholesale-packed and certified organic, ready for packing into pyramid bags or loose. Prices start at £16/kg - please ask for a quote for your preferred quantity and our list of the organic contract packers that we work with, crucial to getting your product on to the shelves.  
If you have a bespoke project or existing blend you'd like to talk about, we'd love to hear from you - please email us at info@organicherbtrading.com or call +44 (0) 1823 401 205.